Thanks for purchasing the Maptuner flashing system.

This quick guide will take you through the process of installing and using it.

First step is to read out the information from your vehicle.
This is a very simple process, just connect it to the OBD plug and follow the instruction on the display. The Maptuner will now read out all information from your vehicle.

When this process is done you need to go to your PC.

First you need to download the client software and install it.
This will also install the drivers to the unit.

When the client software is installed you need to log in to the system.
Your dealer will supply you with your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
(If you don´t have this then contact your local dealer)

Press the check for updates button.
The information that was read from your vehicle will now be sent to Vtech´s servers.

A Tech will now manually look at your information and upload tuned

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files to your account.
(Soon this procedure will be a bit different, you will then select yourself what tunes you want . This feature is however not ready yet.)

It can take up to 24 hours before you receive your tuned files.

Once the tech have relesed the files to your account you can then press the look for updates button again.
The Maptuner will then download all tunes to your handheld.

Your Maptuner is now loaded with both stock and tuned files.

In order to tune your vechicle:

Choose: Program vehicle, then scroll through the tunes with the arrow buttons.
Select the tune you want and press ok.
Follow the instruction on screen.
The Maptuner will first verify that the file inside its memory are 100 % ok, that the transfer from your PC worked ok. After this process is ready it will ask you to turn on the dash again since the vehicle might have gone in to sleep mode.

If your display is not lit up then simply remove the dess key and put it back. ( on some Bosch based models you need to press the start button once if the display is not lit.)