Here you will find the most common question regarding our products.
If you have a question that is not covered by this FAQ then please mail it and we ad it here!

Hand held Tuner.
Q: How does this work?
A:You buy a handheld unit from your dealer, you also buy a licence to work with a vehicle.
In the licence fee you get access to all tunes currently available for that vehicle.
You can  simply choose the tune that is suitable for your hardware setup.

IMPORTANT: its your own responsibility to check that your fueling is ok, this can be done via and AFR meter such as innovate.

The hand held unit can tune unlimited number of vehicles but you need to purchase a licence for each of them.

Q:If i want to check error codes on my friends Jetski?
A: You must first register your friends Jetski at our server, this is done by connecting it to his ski an choose request tuning. After that you need to connect the unit to a PC.

: And if i want to tune his ski?
A: Then you need to buy a licence for his ski, contact your dealer and include his VIN number. We will the activate the license for the second ski.

Q: How many tunes can it store at the same time?
A: The units memory can store 5-10 tunes at the same time, depending on your ecu model. So you could have:
Tuned with 8200 Limiter
Tuned with 8500 Limiter
Tuned with more sensetive throttle respons and idle at 2700 rpm
Tuned with Ignition set for race fuel and 9200 rpm
and so on..

Q:I need a tune that is not listed.
A: Contact us to see if this is in our development plan, if not then we can make a custom software for you but you will be charged for it.